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A Personal Approach To Family Law

Efficient Solutions For Family Law Questions

Family law questions come with a lot of emotions. No matter what change your family is about to go through, it is important to have an advocate who is both knowledgeable and empathetic. You need a lawyer who will understand what you are going through and your goals for yourself and your family.

The Law Offices of Dianne M. Fetzer can help you understand your options in your family law case. Whether your case can be settled out of court or requires litigation, we can help you find an efficient solution.

Trial Can Be Difficult On Children

Going to court can be especially difficult on children. Attorney Dianne M. Fetzer has years of experience working with other attorneys on family law issues to help parents come to peaceful resolutions.

Ready To Fight

There are times to talk and negotiate, but sometimes going to trial is the best option. Whether your dissolution of marriage is amicable, is contentious due to disagreements over custody or asset distribution, or requires additional intervention due to domestic violence, attorney Dianne M. Fetzer can assist you and will be a tough litigator when the situation requires it. She will fight hard to help you attain a fair settlement in your case.

Time For Action

When you need answers to your California family law questions, contact The Law Offices of Dianne M. Fetzer. We offer an initial consultation at a reduced fee to help you understand all available options.

To set up an appointment, call our Sacramento office at 916-565-1200 or contact us online.

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