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I had the opportunity to use Dianne Fetzer’s services over the years and each time she was a class act. She is and was an incredible attorney. She is a level headed attorney and great at her practice. Thank you Dianne for all that you have done for my family.

Brian K.

Dianne Fetzer and her team are one of the hardest working law firms in the Sacramento area. I cannot recommend them enough if you are in need. They listen, they truly care, and are so supportive throughout the entire process. Dianne will fight for you like no other! And their recommendations are always made with the best interest of their client and what is right. I don’t think I could have made it through all the legal garbage if it wasn’t for them. They give you a peace of mind and enable you to sleep at night by knowing they have everything handled. They are worth every penny! Highly recommend if you are in need!

Peter W.

Although divorce was the most painful time in my life, I would almost do it again if it meant I could work with Dianne and her team. They were supportive through every step of the way, and most importantly, they did not let me settle for anything less than fair. I found that going through the awful process of divorce is doable when you have the right people in your corner. I feel lucky and grateful that I had Dianne and team in my corner.

Eric K.

I should have wrote this review YEARS AGO! And honestly the only reason I decided to write it now is because I googled her for the first time in years and saw Diane is not ranked as I would rank her. So I am doing my part since she has done so much for me over the years.

Diane has advised me on legal matters on two or three different occasions throughout my life. And honestly if it wasn’t for her, I likely wouldn’t have the relationship that I have with my son today.

When he was 2 (he is 19 now!) his mother moved to Idaho with him and it was turmoil for me, her, and our son. We were both young, and the breakup and divorce was nasty. Looking back now, me and my ex were both thinking about our own self interests first…. and we both wanted our son.

Diane stepped in and did was right for the person who mattered most: our son. I know it’s been a long time Diane, but thank you!
The relationship I got to build with him over time has been worth more than anything else in my life.

And after the few years of steam with my ex cleared, we actually developed a healthy friendship and made co-parenting work as best as possible for the situation.

Divorce is never fun I don’t imagine. But I highly recommend hiring an attorney like Diane who has the compassion and heart to listen and truly care, plus the knowledge and tact to give you an advantage.

That’s how I felt it worked for me at least. And good people are good people, that doesn’t change even though it’s 17 years later lol!