Protecting Your Property And Business Interests

Property And Asset Division

During the time you spent together, you exchanged gifts and purchased property. It was all part of a life that you had intended to build together.

The process of dividing up that life can get complicated. Between the assets you collected while you were together and the emotional attachments you may have formed, deciding who gets what can quickly become a difficult discussion.

California is a community property state, which means that all the assets are divided evenly between the spouses in divorce. Some assets may not fit into that category, but the list of excluded assets tends to be short.

The Law Offices of Dianne M. Fetzer can help you understand what you need to know about property division in California.

Dividing A Business

Dealing with who owns a business after a divorce can get complicated. If you and your spouse cannot agree on what to do about the business, the court will look at several factors to decide what to do, including:

  • When the business was started
  • How much money it took to start the business and where it came from
  • Who has been managing the business and any partners who may be involved

It is important to talk with an experienced asset division lawyer who can help you understand your options for negotiating who will own the business after the divorce. Attorney Dianne M. Fetzer can answer your questions about what will happen with the business and help you advocate for a fair agreement.

We Have Answers

Figuring out who will get what can be a complex question. A lawyer can help you understand the laws regarding property and business division in a divorce.

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